About 1,700 Flats Surrendered To HDB In Last 5 Years, Says MND

Almost 1thousand 7hundred public housing were entrusted to the Housing and Development Board in the past 5 years, mentioned SM of MND Sim Ann in Parliament on 2 March.

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Out of the numbers, around 50 percent were two room units, one-sixth were 3 room units, as well as 1/3 were 4 room as well as even bigger public housing, she claimed.

Sim developed the report in action to Member of Parliament Gan Thiam Poh’s inquiry on the number of HDB units re-selled to Housing and Development Board, the reason the flats were marketed also if HDB would think of offering these flats on its open booking system.

Sim observed that near 1,000 of the surrendered public housing were on short leases and also consists of small apartment, 2 room Flexi public housing gotten during a short-term lease and also units that proprietors selected LBS.

” Owners of short-term lease flats who do not wished to keep their flats or who had already turned out ineligible to complete so, are demanded to submit their flats to Housing and Development Board. These individuals are not at all allowed to resell these units on the market,” she pointed out.

The further seven hundred public housing get surrendered largely caused by changes in the details of the owners in their MOP. These sorts of property owners were not even enabled to market their Housing and Development Board flats on the common market as these people had not at all fulfilled their MOP.

” Among the most frequent factors for surrender of units were divorce, break-up of fiancé-fiancée relation, and recall of marriage,” mentioned Sim

Housing and Development Board makes up property owners of surrendered units and promotes them thru the Sale of Balance Flat exercises.

“If the public housing continue to be unchosen following the SBF routine, they may after that be given under open booking,” further mentioned Sim.

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